Family Sponsorship Program in Canada

The family Sponsorship program is an initiative by the Canadian government to facilitate the reunification of families. After the Second World War, Canada has launched several programs for family members to build its national oneness while strengthening its economy. 

If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you are eligible to sponsor certain family members of your family for permanent residency. 

Eligibility to become a Sponsor:
  • You are an adult and hold permanent residency in Canada.
  • Financial ability to sponsor.
  • You will not receive social assistance (other than for a disability).
  • No legal accusations/ criminal history.
  • You do not have any unpaid immigration loan.
The program allows being a sponsor for:
  • Spouses and common-law partners.
  • Dependent children.
  • Parents and Grandparents.
  • Other family members under specific requirements.
Spousal and Common-Law Partner

A Canadian permanent resident or citizen can sponsor their non-Canadian Spouses, common-law partners after they have the approval of the IRCC.

How to Apply:
  • Check whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not to be a sponsor.
  • Ensure the eligibility of the people you are sponsoring.
  • Apply through the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Provide necessary documents as required.
  • Pay your application fee.

Let us check out the sponsorship streams in detail. 

Parents and Grandparents

This program is applicable only if you can support your parents and grandparents financially for permanent residency in Canada. Make sure that they will not need any social assistance from the governments. 

Dependent Child

This program allows you to sponsor both adopted and natural-born children. But you must get the IRCC approval. The children’s age must be less than 22 years old.

Other Family Members

Under this program, you can sponsor an orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece, and grandchild by blood under 18 years of age. If you don’t have any close relatives, you can sponsor your brother, sister, nephew, niece.