Express Entry


Express Entry is a system through which the Canadian government selects new permanent residents and meets the labor markets demand across the country. This program is launched on January 01, 2015. It manages a pool of candidates applying for skill migration. Express Entry program prioritizes candidates who can contribute to the Canadian economy. Within six months, eighty percent (80%) of the candidates are being processed by this program.

Generally, candidates are selected according to their eligibility based on merit and score may get an invitation for permanent residency from the Canadian authority within 2 weeks. Express Entry provides required documents for the permanent residency to the Canadian government and prospective immigrants for the further process. This program is formulated to fill up the gaps of the old version of immigration- first come, first serve policy. It emphasized qualified and economically eligible people as per requirement. It is a point-based system where candidates are awarded points based on their age, educational qualification, language skill, and work experience. Through the comprehensive ranking system, a qualified candidate is selected on the above 4 criteria. A candidate is considered ideal between the ages of 22 to 29, with higher education and language proficiency. Prospective immigrants must be eligible for any of the 4 specialized programs in the Express Entry System. The programs are classified as follows-

  •         Federal Skill Worker Class.
  •         Provincial Nominee Program.
  •         Canadian Experience Class.
  •         Federal Trade Skill Worker Class. 

What are the minimum qualifications for the Express Entry Federal Skill Worker Class Program? A: An applicant is considered eligible for the Express Entry Federal Skill Worker Class Program based on their age, education, work experience, and language proficiency. The following table describes the similarities and differences between the Express Entry Federal Skill Worker Class and the Provincial Nominee Program- 

OrderExpress EntryPNP
1. Age29-4529-55
2. EducationGraduate or EquivalentH.S.C / S.S.C / Diploma
3. Work Experience1-2 Years1-2 Years
4. Language ProficiencyIELTS – 6IELTS – 4